Sort-last Template

When you create a sort-last template you'll be prompted to enter the number of application (rendering) nodes and the desired window size (width and height in pixels).

Clicking on the Edit Template button will open the sort-last editor, shown here:

The dialog lets you specify the window size, the number and names of the rendering nodes and set the readback and render SPU options

NOTE: If you want the rendering window to be resizable, you need to enable the Resizable window option for both the Readback SPU and Render SPU.

Runtime Options

When you save your sort-last configuration to a file (such as mysortlast.conf) you'll have a stand-alone configuration script that you can run as follows:

   python mysortlast.conf

This configuration script will also accept the following optional command-line arguments:

You can also specify the name of the program to run as the last argument.

For example:

   python mysortlast.conf -w 700 -h 600 -s "cr1,cr2,cr3" psubmit

Will run psubmit on 3 servers, drawing into a window of 700 x 600 pixels.