What Comes With Chromium?

This section describes the major components of Chromium and how they fit together.

Other SPUs

In addition to the SPUs shown so far, several more are provided. Some of the SPUs are intended to be used directly in a configuration graph, and others are more useful as starting points for new SPUs, or SPUs to inherit from.

Useful libraries

Chromium also builds several shared libraries which can be used by any component.

Other programs

A few small programs are built as part off the Chromium build process. They won't all be listed here, as many of them are small test or demo programs.

Most of the other programs that are built are designed to exercise one particular portion of the system. Some of them are contributed by WireGL users (thanks in particular to Peter Kirchner for providing some VERY stripped down programs that trip a bug), and there are a number of programs that each demonstrate the functionality of a single OpenGL extension, thanks to Chris Niederauer (all found in the progs/extensions/* directories). Run them. Show off anisotropic texture filtering on your display wall, it's fun.


The Chromium distribution contains some other useful stuff that isn't a SPU, library, or program: